Build Your Network by Adding Value (Reminder Email Series)

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I decided to create a 13 Week Email Reminder Series to help myself (and anyone else who wants to join me) be better at developing professional relationships.  It’s based on a post called, Networking, Relationship Building, and Adding Value.  I wrote it to help people rethink what it looks like to network, especially in music business.

It’s about adding value to one another and asking less often.  That’s how relationships are built and that’s what networking really looks like.  Those with whom you have great relationships with are the ones who will be hiring you or recommending you.

But it’s also related to how you interact with someone brand new.  It works the same way.  When you first meet someone, you can’t lead with, “Hey, buy my CD.”  That’s weird.  You have to start with, “let me send you a couple songs.  I think you’ll like them.”

Lead with giving and adding value, not asking.  Only if you’ve added enough value to someone else have you set the stage to ask (not demand) for someone’s time, money, or attention.

This is something I’m working on in my own life too.  So I decided to create a 13 Week Email Reminder Series to help myself and anyone else who wants to join me.

You can sign up below.  It’s totally free.  No sales pitch.  Just one email every week for 13 weeks with concrete ways to add value and develop better relationships with those in your network.

If you want more info you can read the blog post I wrote about this topic here.

Thanks for reading.  Sign up below if you want to come along.

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